About Proposition 33

The 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act (Proposition 33) will allow California insurance consumers to qualify for a continuous automobile coverage discount regardless of the company where they are seeking car insurance.

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  • This proposal gives consumers, instead of insurance companies, ownership of their continuous automobile coverage.
    • Currently a California consumer can receive a discount for having continuous auto insurance, but cannot take this discount to competing insurance carriers.
    • This proposition gives consumers control – similar to consumers owning their cell phone number, or their credit history.

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  • This is a consumer friendly initiative that creates competition among insurance companies and lowers prices.
  • This proposal is also an incentive for more consumers to purchase car insurance.
  • This proposition was written to be inclusive– we have listened to the voters, our clients, and even the opposition, and made changes.
    • Military – If you are in the military, you are eligible for the discount.
    • Unemployed – If you are unemployed for up to 18 months because of layoff or furlough; you are eligible for the discount.
    • Young Drivers – A young person on the cusp of leaving home gets the same rate as parents.
    • Proportionality – Drivers are given a discount proportional to the amount of full years they have had insurance in the previous five years.

A bipartisan group has already voiced their support.