FAQS About Proposition 33

Californians Deserve a Reward for Being Responsible. Below are the real answers to why California Needs to Vote Yes on Proposition 33, the 2012 Auto Insurance Discount Act.

What is Proposition 33?

Current California law only allows insurance companies to offer consumers a continuous coverage discount, for maintaining mandatory car insurance, if the consumer stays with the same company.

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Proposition 33 is a statewide ballot initiative that will appear before voters in November 2012. This proposal will allow consumers to shop their continuous coverage discount, to any company of their choice.

48 other states allow this loyalty discount. Allowing this discount will increase competition, lower prices, and insure more Californians. This initiative was written to be inclusive.

Let’s fix this and allow Californians to be rewarded for being responsible.

Why doesn’t California allow insurance companies to offer a continuous coverage discount now?

California is one of only two states that prohibit companies from offering consumers a continuous coverage discount. 48 other states allow this discount. In California, only the consumer’s current insurer can offer the discount, which discourages consumers from shopping.

Who else offers the continuous coverage discount?

48 other states allow a continuous coverage discount. When this discount was last available in California (from 1996 to 2002) we had a more productive and dynamic insurance market. And, according to data from the California Department of Insurance, the level of uninsured motorists dropped by nearly 50 percent! From 28.06% in 1996 to 14.26% in 2002.

How will passing Prop 33 affect the economy?

Passing Prop 33 will insure more Californians. This helps all of our pocketbooks. Proposition 33 presents an opportunity to make the marketplace more competitive, by freeing consumers to shop. Additionally, this initiative creates new protections for consumers by offering a proportional discount. The Act provides a proportional discount to the currently uninsured, which is a great incentive for them to newly receive a discount and join the ranks of the insured – this act is inclusive.

How is Proposition 33 different than Proposition 17?

Proposition 33 is an improvement over Proposition 17. We listened to voters and the opposition, and we made significant changes. The goal when writing this initiative was to be inclusive – to make it easier for more Californians to have mandatory car insurance, and to reward those being responsible with a new discount. The changes include allowing a discount for military men and women serving their country at home or abroad, individuals laid-off or furloughed for up to 18 months, and children living at home with their parents. And, currently uninsured drivers are given a discount proportional to the number of full years they have had insurance in the previous five years.

Proposition 33 is just over a page long, and is easy to understand. We encourage all Californians to read it.

Who is supporting Proposition 33?

Proposition 33 is sponsored by the American Agents Alliance, a group of independent insurance agents and brokers whose goal is to shop for the most competitive prices for their customers. The initiative already has a broad range of support including: the American GI Forum of California and CDF Firefighters.

How can I help?

You can help by visiting www.YESProp33.com, and reaching out to your neighbors, stakeholder groups, speaking to local community groups, phone-banking, etc. Californians deserve a reward for being responsible.

Paid for by the 2012 Auto Insurance Discount Act, sponsored by the American Agents Alliance with support from California Insurance Providers for Competitive Prices and Consumer Discounts, major funding by George Joseph. Committee ID: 1340976.