Proposition 33 News

Press Release – CDF Firefighters — California’s Fire Department — Endorses Proposition 33

SACRAMENTO, CA — CDF Firefighters Local 2881 representing the men and women of CAL FIRE, the largest fire department in California, today announced their endorsement of Proposition 33, the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act.

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“We see thousands of accidents each year and we encounter a lot of people who do not have automobile insurance,” said Bob Wolf, President, CDF Firefighters Local 2881. “We see firsthand the difficulties that are caused by lack of insurance. It’s time to help everyone get insured — and this initiative takes a significant step in that direction.”

Having automobile insurance is required by state law but many people still drive without it. By increasing competition between insurance companies, Proposition 33 will bring down the cost of obtaining and maintaining automobile insurance.

“We also want our own firefighters to be in control of their continuous coverage discount and be able to shop for a better deal. It does not make sense under the present law that you can only use the discount if you stay with the same insurance company,” said Wolf. “Proposition 33 allows you to shop the discount you have earned.”

“Proposition 33 protects more Californians – military, students and those facing financial hardships are eligible for the discount. All Californians deserve to be rewarded for following the law,” continued Wolf.

CDF Firefighters Local 2881 joins a growing list of supporters of Proposition 33, the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, including the American G.I. Forum of California, California Republican Party, Democratic Leaders Don Perata and Senator Juan Vargas.

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