Proposition 33 News

Press Release – The Greenlining Institute Endorses Proposition 33, The 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Greenlining Institute, working for two decades for racial and economic justice, today announced their endorsement of Proposition 33, the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act. The Greenlining Institute was founded to combat redlining, the illegal practice of denying services to communities of color.

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Greenlining is noted for providing a strong and consistent voice for more than three dozen African American, Asian American and Latino organizations working cooperatively on behalf of their communities.

Proposition 33 takes a continuous coverage auto insurance discount that is already in existence, but can only be used if you stay with the same insurance company, and gives it to California consumers to shop for a better deal with that same company or a new one. There are also provisions which considerably improve the ability of consumers to either hold on to the discount or become eligible for it.

“We did not support a similar initiative, Proposition 17, in 2010, because it failed to protect drivers who were unemployed or active members of the military,” said Samuel Kang, consumer advocate and General Counsel for the Greenlining Institute. “Proposition 33 is totally different. It gives special protections if you are unemployed or serve in the military.”

Under the present system, students, seniors who are struggling, those who have lost their jobs or have decided not to drive for any reason, currently lose the insurance discount that is allowed under California law. Proposition 33 directly addresses those concerns by allowing the discount for active military, and students and young people insured by their parents. Proposition 33 also allows presently uninsured drivers to qualify for a proportional discount for each year they were insured, gives those who have lost their jobs up to eighteen months to get back on their feet, and allows a California consumer 90 days to miss a payment for any reason and still qualify for the discount.

“Proposition 33 creates more competition between insurance companies and will ultimately make car insurance more affordable,” Kang added. “Proposition 33 creates a more vibrant market for auto insurance by empowering California’s consumers to shop for the best deal.”

“It’s disappointing that the opposition is resorting to personal attacks rather than looking at facts,” Kang said. “The facts are that Proposition 33 will lower your auto insurance rates and make insurance companies compete harder for your business.That’s why we should vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 33.”

Proposition 33 is supported by both Democratic and Republican leaders, including, CDF Firefighters, Veterans of Foreign Wars of California and the American GI Forum.

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