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Press Release – Willie Brown, Former Democratic Speaker of the Assembly and Former Senate Minority Leader Republican Jim Brulte – Endorse Proposition 33

SACRAMENTO, CA – Two of California’s most respected leaders, Willie Brown, the former Democratic Speaker of the Assembly, and Jim Brulte, former Republican Senate Minority Leader, both announced today their support for Proposition 33.

Willie Brown has been a leader in California politics for decades. He served in the California Legislature for over 30 years and holds the record for the longest term as Speaker of the Assembly – 15 years. After serving in the legislature, Willie Brown became the first African American to serve as Mayor of the City of San Francisco.

“Proposition 33 is not Proposition 17 from 2 years ago. It provides a break for those who follow the law, and gives those who want to follow the law a chance to get insured,” said Willie Brown.

“The opposition’s attacks against George Joseph are already getting old. George started from nothing and created a business based on excellent customer service. He built a great company that appeals to California consumers. Forbes named George’s company, Mercury Insurance, one of the most trustworthy in America,” he continued.

Currently, California has the 9th highest car insurance rates in the nation. The passing of Proposition 33 will allow the insured the option to shop their loyalty discount with their own insurance company or a new one in search of a better deal. Under current law, consumers lose their loyalty discount when they switch insurance companies.

The passing of Proposition 33 will lead to more Californians being insured and will create a more dynamic insurance market which will lead to cheaper rates.

Jim Brulte distinguished himself as a legislative leader in both houses of the California Legislature. The highly respected Brulte advocated on behalf of businesses and encouraged legislators to improve the business climate of California.

“Business groups and consumer groups both support Proposition 33 because it makes sense. It rewards businesses and consumers for purchasing car insurance,” said Jim Brulte. “All Californians deserve affordable car insurance and this initiative makes that possible.”

Today, Proposition 33 has bipartisan support because leaders from both parties see that this initiative is for all Californians. Proposition 33 rewards Californians for following the law.

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