Prop 33 Language

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SECTION 1. Title.
This measure shall be known as the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act.
(Proposition 33)

SECTION 2. The people of the State of California find and declare that:

(a) Under California law, the state Department of Insurance regulates insurance rates and determines what discounts auto insurance companies can give to drivers.

(b) It is in the best interest of California insurance consumers to be allowed to receive discounted prices if they have continuously followed the state’s mandatory insurance laws, regardless of which insurance company they have used.

(c) A consumer discount for continuous automobile coverage rewards responsible behavior. That discount should belong to the consumer, not the insurance company.

(d) A personal discount for maintaining continuous coverage creates competition among insurance companies and is an incentive for more consumers to purchase and maintain automobile insurance.

SECTION 3. Purpose.

The purpose of this measure is to allow California insurance consumers to obtain discounted insurance rates if they have continuously followed the mandatory insurance law.

SECTION 4. Section 1861.023 is added to the Insurance Code to read:

(a) Notwithstanding section 1861.02(a)(4), an insurance company may use continuous coverage as an optional auto insurance rating factor for any insurance policy subject to section 1861.02.

(b) For purposes of this section, “Continuous coverage” shall mean uninterrupted automobile insurance coverage with any admitted insurer or insurers, including coverage provided pursuant to the California Automobile Assigned Risk Program or the California Low Cost Automobile Program.

(1) Continuous coverage shall be deemed to exist if there is a lapse in coverage due to an insured’s active military service.

(2) Continuous coverage shall be deemed to exist even if there is a lapse in coverage of up to 18 months in the last 5 years due to loss of employment resulting from a layoff or furlough.

(3) Continuous coverage shall be deemed to exist even if there is a lapse of coverage of not more 90 days in the previous 5 years for any reason.

(4) Children residing with a parent shall be provided a discount for continuous coverage based upon the parent’s eligibility for a continuous coverage discount.

(c) Consumers who are unable to demonstrate continuous coverage shall be granted a proportional discount. This discount shall be a proportion of the amount of the rate of reduction that would have been granted if the consumer had been able to demonstrate continuous coverage. The proportion shall reflect the number of whole years in the immediately preceding five years for which the consumer was insured.

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