Proposition 33 Television

Darrel – Vote Yes on Prop 33

“I loved being a Sheriff’s Deputy and learned in almost three decades on the job that responsible drivers have car insurance. And I agree with Proposition 33 that responsible drivers should be rewarded. Proposition 33 is smart. It allows you to take the discounts you’ve earned and shop for a better deal with an insurance company of your choice. Our streets are safer for our families when responsible people get insurance. I am pleased to join CDF firefighters, The American Legion and the California Association of Highway Patrolmen in supporting Proposition 33. Vote yes on Prop 33.”

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Proposition 33 Rewards Responsible Consumers

“These days we’re all tightening our wallets. Families are doing more with less, and I’m concerned about car insurance costs. Responsible consumers like me deserve to be rewarded, and that’s why I’m voting yes on Prop 33. Proposition 33 allows us to take the discount you earn to shop for a better deal with an insurance company of your choice. Proposition 33 encourages competition and lowers prices. Consumers like us deserve to be rewarded for being responsible. Let’s save money. Vote yes on Prop 33. “

Proposition 33 Benefits California Drivers

“Let’s be direct about Proposition 33. Everyone agrees that the 85% of Californians who have car insurance will benefit. They will be able to take the discount they have earned and shop for a better deal with an insurance company of the their choice. This will drive down prices and save all of us money. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion and AMVETS support Proposition 33 because there are protections for the men and women serving in our armed forces and safety nets for those who’ve lost their jobs in the tough economic times. The facts are simple. Proposition 33 will lower prices. Vote yes on Proposition 33. “

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Proposition 33 Protects Military Families and Veterans

“My name is Lorraine Plass and I am an American Veteran. I served in the Army during the Vietnam Era and I’m asking you to Vote Yes on Proposition 33. Prop 33 protects our military families and allows them to keep a discount on car insurance saving them money while consumers to serve to be rewarded for being responsible. That’s why veterans groups like the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America and the Veterans of Foreign Wars say Yes on Proposition 33.”

Prop 33 Saves You Money

“If you maintain car insurance in California you’re eligible for a continuous coverage discount. But only if you stay with the same insurance company. Giving insurance companies in control of your discount is a bad idea.

Proposition 33 fixes this and allows you to shop your continuous coverage discount for a better deal with the company you choose. Proposition 33 protects consumers. Those who currently have insurance are given a chance to get insurance at a better price and those who don’t have car insurance new incentives and opportunities for discounts not offered under current law.

Proposition 33 is good for California consumers. Prop 33 protects military families. All active duty military qualify for the discount. Consumers who are unemployed or furloughed qualify for the discount. And students are protected, they get the same discount available to their parents. The Greenlining Institute, a consumer group founded to fight unfair business practices redlining, supports Proposition 33 because it protects those who are insured and provides options for those who want to be insured at a lower cost.

Firefighters and Highway Patrol support Proposition 33. So do veterans groups like the GI Forum and the VFW. Leading Democrats and Republicans both support Prop 33. Other states allow consumers to shop their auto insurance discount, so why don’t Californians have control? Proposition 33 forces insurance companies to be more competitive, lowers rates and will insure more drivers. California consumers should be rewarded. Vote yes on Proposition 33.”

Vote YES on Proposition 33 – Vote SI a la Proposición 33

“Mi nombre es Damaris y yo soy una California. Tengo seguro de automóvil y estoy orgullosa de hacer lo correcto. En esta economía el dinero esta escaso pero la Proposición 33 me ahorraría dinero a mi y a los conductores de California mensualmente obligando que las compañía de seguros compitan más. La Proposición 33 tiene protecciones para garantizar que yo mantengan mi descuento y que más gente tenga seguro de auto, vote si a la Proposición 33.”